about neshama chocolates

Once upon a time, before Café FortyOne, a newly arrived chocolatier

landed in the city of Vancouver (Canada) decided

to make its first steps in the market.

He discovered that the variety of kosher and pareve products were limited.

Thus was born "Neshama Chocolates" ("soul" or "spirit" in Hebrew),

oriented to the kosher public, it began to supply

events and one of the largest supermarkets.

Neshama Chocolates is a company using

only the finest fairly chocolate,

elaborated by artisan hands

and guided with high standards of quality.

Therefore, we offer low cost chocolate candies,

delivered in our client’s hands in elegant boxes.

The raw chocolate that we use for our

bonbons and candies is produced

responsibly and sustainably. 

Neshama's commitment is to use

products based on chocolate with Fairtrade certificate.

After its success, Café FortyOne opened its doors.

Here customers and friends are offered two chocolates

with each hot drink (coffee, tea or hot chocolate) to delight their palate.

We want to improve our customer’s life

by adding a Neshama (soul) in each chocolate.